July 18, 2014

Enter the sound of Butterz signed London based producer/DJ Flava D. A certified grime and garage don, Flava D has made beats for some of the biggest names in the scene and has released two critically acclaimed records for the label, all the while still releasing records independently via her website. A regular on Rinse FM, we had to invite her to fill our prestigious i-DJ slot. Press and up the levels the sound of Flava D.

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June 23, 2014

Me taking over the Butterz for my 2nd solo show on Rinse, as always including newbies from myself ;)

Vol.5 http://flavadubs.bandcamp.com/album/flavad-com-vol-5


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June 8, 2014

Doing it like we used to. Elijah & Skilliam in the mix for two hours.

We also play live clips from Big Narstie at Jamz, and Newham Generals at Fabric.

August 8th Butterz x Fabric 4 w/ Wiley, Elijah & Skilliam, Swindle, Royal-T, Flava D & Murlo - www.fabriclondon.com/club/listing/940

Follow: www.twitter.com/ElijahSkilliam
Butterz Tees: www.jamzclub.org
Buy Fabriclive 75: www.fabriclondon.com/store/fabriclive-75.html

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June 1, 2014

Another huge show.

DJ Samrai from Swing Ting representing Manchester
Filthy Vicars from Footwork representing Coventry
Doctor Jeep from Trouble & Bass representing New York City

& Big Narstie + Lordie from Grime Report in for a chat.

August 8th Butterz x Fabric 4 w/ Wiley, Elijah & Skilliam, Swindle, Royal-T, Flava D & Murlo - http://www.fabriclondon.com/club/listing/940

Follow: https://twitter.com/ElijahSkilliam
Butterz Tees: http://www.jamzclub.org
Buy Fabriclive 75: http://www.fabriclondon.com/store/fabriclive-75.html

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April 30, 2014

Studio set with Big Narstie. BASE. Beats by Deeco, D.O.K, S-X, Jay Bulletproof, Flava D, Joker and more

May 16th - Butterz x Fabric 3 - w/ Skepta, Newham Generals, Flow Dan & Riko. Tickets http://t.co/7Y6g1PWwu0

Follow: https://twitter.com/ElijahSkilliam
Follow: https://twitter.com/BigNarstie
Butterz Tees: http://www.jamzclub.org
Buy Fabriclive 75: http://www.fabriclondon.com/store/fabriclive-75.html

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April 28, 2014

Studio set with Novelist a young talent from South London. Beats from Murlo, Joker, Silkie, Wiley, JME, Skepta, Preditah, Royal-T, Flava D and more.

Follow: https://twitter.com/ElijahSkilliam
Follow: https://twitter.com/Novelist
Buy Fabriclive 75: http://www.fabriclondon.com/store/fabriclive-75.html

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April 14, 2014

Flava D, Royal-T, Elijah & Skilliam take control for the full two hours.

Butterz is the label

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April 6, 2014

Slackk, Oil Gang & Logos join Elijah & Skilliam on the show. A lot of new music, not for the faint hearted.

May 16th - Fabric - Elijah & Skilliam - FabricLive 75 Launch - http://www.fabriclondon.com/club/listing/899

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March 24, 2014

An excerpt from Elijah & Skilliam Live at Glasgow Art School for Mungo’s Hi Fi with the legend D Double E.

You can catch Elijah & Skilliam playing for four hours alongside D Double E, Footsie, Skepta, Flow Dan & Riko at Fabric, May 16th - http://www.fabriclondon.com/club/listing/899

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February 23, 2014

The first of our Vintage Specials. Youngstar, Eastwood, P Jam and Wonder join us playing strictly old school Grime. So many unreleased dubs. Impossible to track list, but great music throughout. Enjoy!

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February 17, 2014

D.O.K joins us for the first time in ages on the show. First half is pretty chilled then D.O.K stepped up in the second half and brought his unique style until the close.

The next London party is at Fabric is May 16th - https://www.facebook.com/events/497747873678996

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February 3, 2014

Kahn & Neek, Flow Dan and The Heatwave join us for our second Fabric warm up session. Catch us there this Friday. Grab tickets here - http://www.fabriclondon.com/club/listing/849

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January 27, 2014

The legendary Slimzee and Riko touch down alongside Royal-T and Preditah to warm up for our first Fabric session of the year.

Advance tickets recommended - http://www.fabriclondon.com/club/listing/849

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January 20, 2014

Bloom from Befast and Shiftee from NYC join us for another big Butterz Rinse FM show.

Fabric 7th Feb: http://www.fabriclondon.com/club/listing/849

Here’s a partial track list:

Elijah & Skilliam:

Flava D - Comfort Me
Spooky - Bad Boy
Flava D - In The Dance
Danny Weed - Creeper (Royal-T Butterz Refix)
DJ Q - Caught Up
Flava D - Home (Moony Remix 2)
Swindle - Good Stay Bad
Royal-T - Limbo
Kowton - H-Street
P Jam - Disturbed 2.0 (Butterz Spesh)
Flava D - War Dub 3

DJ Shiftee

1. T_A_M - Big Chief
2. A$AP Ferg & Shabba Ranks vs. Four Tet - Shabba FM (Eprom Edit)
3. Arkane Soul - The Jazzman (Arkane vs. Shiftee VIP)
4. Four Tet - Kool Fm (Bot Rework)
5. Moony - Hollow
6. Spooky - Code 9 (Doctor Jeep VIP)
7. Mr. Dubz - Arcdore (Juzlo Remix)
8. Depthcharge - Scratch VIP
9. Rebound X - Rhythm & Gash // Live Routine
10. Mr. Carmack - Practice What You Preach
11. Annoy - Fort
12. Deeco - Famalam (J Beatz Remix)
13. Starkey - Clips
14. Lucid - Twerk Wit
15. Swindle x Joker - Let It Be Known // Live Routine
16. Habanero Posse - Aurora Song
17. Curl Up - Computerus
18. Rx - Strike Ah Pose (Mr. De’ Remix VIP Instrumental)

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January 13, 2014

@DJMurlo and @Visionist join @Eli1ah & @Skilliam for the second show of the year. Murlo’s set focuses around his own productions and Visionist spins 100% South London producers

We are back at Fabric 7th Feb - www.fabriclondon.com/club/listing/849

Facebook - www.facebook.com/ButterzRecords
Twitter - https://twitter.com/butterz
Jamz - @Jamzclub

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