December 30, 2011

‘The Best of Elijah & Skilliam 2011' - Download Here
Inspired by Grimetapes Wiley & D Double Es compilations released a couple of years ago which you can still download here, we decided to put together a few of the best MC moments from the show and a couple of our live sets this year. We rarely do shows with MCs but P Money, Trim, Jammer, Blacks and Bruza feature, over some of our favourite beats from the year. 
Skilliam put it together in Logic and the ‘Butterz’ sample comes from Merky Ace.
Here is a little breakdown on where the clips come from and the original sets.
1. P Money - 13/1/2011 - Instrumental - Royal-T - Music Please (Devil Mix) 
Download Full Set Here w/ Starkey
2. Trim - 27/3/2011 - Instrumental - TRC - Skipping Rope
Download Full Set Here w/ Discarda

3. Trim - 9/6/2011 - Instrumental - Joker - The Vision
Download Full Set Here w/ Starkey

4. P Money - 14/7/2011 - Instrumental -  Bok Bok - Silo Pass
Download Full Set Here w/ Swindle, Royal-T, Starkey, Jammin
5. Jammer - (2010 Throwback) - Instrumental -  Royal-T - Hotones Remix
Download Full Set Here w/ JJ

6. Trim 7/8/11 - Instrumental - Swindle - Pineapple
Download Full Set Here w/ Tubby
» Interlude - Funny mention of my comment on the Mobos taken from BBC 6 Musics Radcliffe and Maconie show. You can read the full article here

7. Blacks - 13/8/11 - Live from Cable - Instrumental - S-X - Bricks
Download Full Set Here w/ Merky Ace, Bruza

8. Bruza - 13/8/11 - Live from Cable - Instrumental - Treble Clef - Ghetto Kyote
Download Full Set Here w/ Blacks, Merky Ace
9. P Money & Blacks - 2010 Throwback - ‘The Birth of Royal-T - Orangeade’
Overtime from our first show with P Money & Blacks, and the first time the world heard ‘Orangeade’. 
Download Full Set Here
Hope you enjoy
Happy new year
Don’t forget Rinse:17 is out now!
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